10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Creating a website is one of the most critical steps a small business can take in the modern world. And with digital media being popular among each user category, businesses always look for various methods to increase website traffic.


There are a number of ways to increase website traffic, but you need to pick the best suitable methods per your business needs.


Increasing website traffic may be a challenge for many companies. It’s easy to slip into the trap of adopting tried-and-true tactics that don’t work if you lack experience. Are you a business owner still looking for how to increase website traffic? – Here are ten tried-and-true strategies for increasing your website’s organic and sponsored traffic.


10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic


Various firms are always looking for innovative ways to increase traffic to websites. Much inaccurate information can be found online about how to increase traffic, which may drive you to use the same ineffectual methods repeatedly in the hopes of seeing different results.


According to a recent survey, 61% of marketers think getting new visitors and sales leads is their toughest obstacle. Here are ten proven strategies if you’re looking for ways to increase your website’s traffic.


10 Ways to increase website traffic


1. Have well research on relevant keywords to your business and website


Incorporate important keywords throughout your post. Keywords should be included naturally into the text instead of being stuffed in so thick that they detract from the main idea or distract the reader. The title tag, page title, URL, and headers must include relevant keywords to increase website traffic.


You may do keyword research using tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. These websites reveal the keywords used by competitors, the frequency of keyword searches, the cost of the term for pay-per-click advertising, comparable keywords, and a plethora of other information that may be used to guide keyword strategy.


An SEO agency may also be hired to give vital insights and conduct audits to discover any flaws that impede search engines from crawling your site.


2. Email marketing is a great way to get visitors to your website


Email is an established way to increase website traffic. Email may be an excellent outreach tool for targeting and educating your audience and driving traffic to certain website pages. Using coupons to increase website traffic and types of email marketing is to use coupons.


E-newsletters may provide important information and promotions, such as discounts and upcoming events. Using them to promote an article or an offer on your website might bring new visitors to your site. Although they are unlikely to bring in many new website visitors, they may be an effective means of attracting the attention and business of your most loyal customers.


It is possible to promote a certain offer or event via promotional emails. You may, for example, advertise a wine tasting or trunk show at your shop or a new film you’ve placed on your website to increase traffic on the website.


Segmenting your email list based on data is possible in both circumstances. You may send personalized newsletters or offers to the most responsive groups.


Because of the data at your disposal, you may provide relevant information to each individual rather than blasting the same message to all your contacts. Consider the scenario in which someone just bought shoes from you. Customers’ purchasing history may be used to build segments for targeted email marketing promoting your newest shoe designs.


3. Maintaining a presence on social media


To increase traffic to websites, the role of social media is crucial.


Visitors to the site should utilize it as follows: It is essential to utilize your social media profiles to convey information like e-books, videos, images etc. Response to comments, repeating their work and tagging them help keep your audience engaged.


Be sure to include hashtags that pertain to the discussion at hand. As soon as new material is available, keep a link to it in your bio. Promote new material by changing the cover picture and including relevant influencers. Enticing elements from the content should accompany a link to encourage readers to click.


Add links to your content to help others looking for it.


Choosing the right social media outlet is essential if you want your message to be heard and if you want it to be managed well. This will be different if you have a certain target demographic and business strategy in mind.


Using LinkedIn for a professional audience, such as a white paper or webinar, would be a better alternative than Instagram, which focuses more on aesthetics like product pictures.

4. Make sure that your content is readable and easily understood by website visitors


It’s not enough to produce content; you need to come up with some remarkable ideas and stand out from the crowd. To increase website traffic, providing fresh and exciting content is essential.


Your content must appear in Google searches so that customers can get the comprehensive, accurate, and helpful information they need. The bottom line is that if you like writing, updating often, and studying what your audience wants, your website’s traffic will increase.


5. Start guest blogging if not!


Guest posting on other sites is a proven strategy for gaining backlinks, boosting referral traffic, and enhancing search engine rankings. It would help if you extensively researched relevant websites before presenting a proposal.


To begin, look at the site’s content, domain authority, and guest posting policies. Also, see if the publisher is ready to promote the content on social media and include a mention of your name in the process.


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6. When it comes to how to increase website traffic – try advertising


Through sponsored search, social networking, and display advertising, it is feasible to increase traffic to websites. Users may block display advertising, for instance, and Google’s average cost per click for each strategy is distinct.


For example, whenever it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, it is essential, to begin with, a single campaign and a few distinct ad groups containing the essential keywords. Observe how the public responds to different words after the introduction of advertising. Perhaps impressions were just produced at one point. Still, clicks and transactions were achieved at another, resulting in increased website traffic.


7. Provide value to your prospects


If you offer something of value to your visitors, they will flock to your site. An editorial calendar template, for example, was developed and made publicly accessible by our content marketing company. Creating and disseminating content through a single platform is our goal for marketers. Put industry-specific content on your website and make it readily available to others.


To optimize your returns and generate new leads, you may utilize gated content/tools in exchange for user contact information. In addition, you can use LinkedIn groups and industry forums for advertising your content and products to increase traffic to websites. You may also promote your material and resources in LinkedIn groups and company forums.


8. Try to collaborate with Outreach


Some of the most educated individuals in the area are eager to impart their experience. Businesses may approach influencers in several ways, such as the following: An excellent way to spread the word about your product or service is to use sponsored social media posts to promote it.


9. Get yourself involved in Backlink Exchange


Backlink exchanges provide a wide range of possibilities for firms looking to increase traffic to websites. Consider yourself a businessman of youth for a while. You’ve launched your company and have a website to show for it.


This is where you may buy and sell online. No longer required is a physical location. There is no motivation for a bystander to patronize your company. You don’t need a brick-and-mortar store anymore; all you need are virtual customers interested in what you’re offering.


10. Visitors will be greeted with a tailored landing page when they arrive at your site


One of the finest ways to increase website traffic is using a customized landing page to direct website visitors to precisely what they’re looking for. Website users’ interests should be considered while creating pages personalized to their specific needs.


Depending on the postings someone has been reading or the new features of a product they’ve been investigating, this may be a special deal or an update.


Creating tags for your contacts is easy to include this kind of tailored information in your ongoing marketing efforts. A tag is a label you provide to contacts so that you may tailor the material you show them based on their activity.


Anyone who joins your audience using a registration form on a landing page will automatically be added to a list for future targeted email marketing. Using tags, you can send tailored emails, such as automatic welcome letters for new subscribers, to a series of campaigns emphasizing connections to your website’s material.


Wrap Up


As a rule of thumb, most individuals aren’t concerned with building their website or even beginning a blog; they are concerned about increasing website traffic. If you’re not an expert in digital sleuthing, you’ve tried various methods to get the word out.


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