3 Factors That Determine Success On Social Media

Today everyone is living a life on social media platforms. Look around and you will see all people with their heads down on the mobile screen. We will talk about social media success in this article.


Every business’ social media presence matters a lot because people are going to check your social media pages before making a purchase decision. They are going to look at what you are posting, what are your design standards and how you interact with people who engage on your page.


Every business is shifting its attention to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


As companies are spending enough time and money on social media growth, decision-makers keep a close eye on the growth of social media campaigns and their impact on the target audience.


But how exactly do you determine the growth of your social media campaigns? How do you know that you are growing with your social media influence and impact?


Don’t worry, we have made it simple for you to understand how you can measure your social media growth. There are mainly two ways to measure your social media growth – Ongoing analytics and campaign-focused metrics.


With every business jumping in the race of grabbing the attention of its target audience, it has become really tough to be in the cut-throat market.


But you should not worry much, as you jump in the pool, you learn to survive and swim in the flow of social media trends. Know the key performance indicators (KPI) of social media platforms and measure the growth of your social media accounts.


So let’s look at the indicators that determine success on social media.


Social Media Success Factors


1. Following Counts


The first thing that comes to mind while talking about the success factors of social media is the following numbers. Though there is no guaranteed way to increase your social media followers, if you are posting valuable and relatable content, people will follow you to see you in their feeds.


But how do you get more visibility and reach on social media?

Hashtags and interacting with other content creators is a great way to get attention from your target audience. Plus, genuinely help people to solve their problems in real life as well to gain their trust and loyalty.


How to track your follower count on social media? 

All the social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest give insight and detailed analysis of the total and gained followers on your social media account. You can analyse that data to see what kind of content is working for your business.


With the latest updates on Instagram, you can see the last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, the previous month, 3 months and 6 months’ insights in one go. While Facebook provides 7, 14 and 28 days insights same as LinkedIn and Pinterest. Moreover, you can also set a custom range to look at the insights.


2. Getting More Saves And Shares On Your Post


When one of the prominent social media platforms Facebook was emerging and becoming popular among people, likes and comments were the only metrics to measure the popularity of the page/account.


But times have changed greatly and so are the ways of measuring the growth and popularity of social media accounts.


According to a new algorithm of almost all platforms, they promote content that is being shared and saved by people and where people are spending more time to see/watch content.


So focus on creating content that people would love to save for future references and relatable enough to share with their group.


Like count matters the least for social media algorithms. Social media prioritize content based on the number of saves, shares, comments and likes it has.


Focusing on saves and shares should be your goal if you want to grow faster on social media platforms.


3. Engagement Ratio On Your Social Media


Everyone talks about the engagement ratio on social media but what is counted as engagement on social media? In simple words, engagement is the sum of likes, comments, shares, saves and time people spend on your content.


So for example, if you have posted a video and people are liking it but they are not watching it till the end, it will be counted as a negative point. If people are watching it till the end but not liking it, then also it counts as a negative point.


It is advisable to create content that is entertaining as well as valuable. There is no particular definition of “valuable content” but anything that provides information and knowledge to your target audience is considered valuable content.


How to improve your engagement on social media platforms? 

There are also other ways to improve your engagement on social media platforms than posting valuable content.


You need to interact with similar pages like yours, and like and comment your views on their posts. When you comment on similar pages, your target audience can know your thoughts before they start following you.


It is very important to see social media as a way to support and grow in a community rather than just posting content and expecting people to like your content without you reverting.


Moreover, share fellow content creators’ posts and stories on your account to provide more value to your followers. Make your content more about your target audience than about you.


Remember Social Media is Not The Only Thing In Your Life


Though social media is an important part of our daily lives, we should not forget that there is much more than likes and comments on our posts.

Word of mouth is the best way to gain followers with low chances of unfollowing rates.

Expand your presence offline as well to enhance your networks and relationships; let them know about your online presence and ask them to follow you on social media.

Conduct free webinars and free value to gain the trust of your target audience. Everything is not about making money.

If you are a business owner, remember your employees’ satisfaction and work-life balance matter more than your popularity and fan following. They are the ones growing your business more than social media likes and comments.


Final Words


Growing on social media has become the focus for many businesses and they all are putting their best foot forward to grab the attention of their target audience. All the mentioned methods will help you to monitor your growth on social media platforms. It is also important to have a broader vision and make an impact beyond social media.


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