5 Ways Technology Can Improve Modern Healthcare| Benefits In The Health Sector

Despite strict restrictions and sensitive nature, the Healthcare industry has always taken the first step when it comes to embracing the latest technology and thus we can see amazing advancements in the medical field frequently. 

By adopting the technology, healthcare has made significant strides, redefining the way of treating patients with better accuracy and less suffering. 

Be it any technology starting from X-Rays to modern technologies like AI and IoT, the healthcare industry has always leveraged technology with an open and experimental approach. Without these technologies, we wouldn’t be able to have the facilities we have today. 

With the advancement of technology in healthcare, average life expectancy has increased to a great extent and people don’t have to suffer from terminating diseases due to lack of adequate medicines.  

In this blog post, we have discussed 5 ways technology has improved modern healthcare along with the benefits of the latest technology in the health sector. 

1. Telemedicine/ Telehealth – 

There were days when patients had to travel miles away to visit a doctor. Then there was a time when we had one hospital or a small clinic in each city to facilitate the patients but now we have all the facilities at the comfort of our homes. 

In simple words, telemedicine is a method of advancing healthcare based on telecommunications. There are many reasons why telemedicine is becoming popular and one of the most popular ones is easy accessibility. With the support of telehealth, people don’t need to leave their home to visit a doctor and in case they have busy schedules or any emergencies; they can contact a doctor immediately. 

Some of the rural areas with a lack of healthcare facilities can be advantaged with telehealth. Moreover, healthcare facilities with telehealth cost much less compared to what it costs to visit a doctor. According to research, telemedicine services save up to $100 per doctor visit. 

 2. Electronic Health Records (EHR) 

Keeping a health record of a patient is highly crucial as it guides further for providing treatment accordingly.  

In earlier times, hospitals didn’t have systematic records of their patients and thus it was difficult to track the medical history of a patient. Slowly clinics started gathering records of medical history and yet there used to be a clumsy gap in the records with so much data and a poor system of records.  

With the latest technology, the healthcare industry has the advantage of Electronic Health Records (EHR). With EHRs, many systems are connected allowing for quick data transfers and more integrated and efficient care. Quick access to medical history is really important in the healthcare sector as it facilitates many advances in medical diagnostics and treatment. 

According to one study, only 9% of the industry were used to EHRs but today 92% of the healthcare professionals are leveraging EHRs systems. 

3. Wearable Technology – 

If you see people around, you won’t find it odd or weird to have health belts on their wrists. Wearable technology keeps track of your health and provides you with valuable information. We can see many smartwatches that record your step counts, heart pulse and blood pressure. 

With wearable technology, a doctor can monitor your health remotely and make changes in your lifestyle accordingly. With such technology, it has become accessible to level up the standards of health for a doctor without much effort. Additionally, this wearable technology is becoming a status symbol rapidly. 

4. Whole Genome Sequencing – 

Whole Genome Sequencing is one of the greatest and biggest advancements of the healthcare sector. Genome sequencing refers to the method that analyses and examines the DNA of a human being and makes desired changes to its sequence. 

With genome sequencing, we have overcome many complex and untreatable DNA-based diseases like the rare type of tumour, Xeroderma pigmentosum, Ataxia-telangiectasia, Bloom’s and Werner’s syndromes, Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer, Li-Fraumeni-syndrome, and breast/ovarian cancer syndrome.

5. Predicting Outbreaks – 

With state-of-the-art technology, the healthcare sector can analyze upcoming trends of diseases before the actual outbreak. As people tend to search for symptoms and treatments online before consulting a doctor. By analyzing these searches, doctors can predict which area and which gender is getting affected by the disease. Moreover, with the existing database of other diseases, healthcare professionals can predict a trend of a particular disease.  

The Benefits of The Latest Technology on The Health Sector – 

Easy and quick accessibility – 

In today’s time, it has become extremely easy to get relatable information on a particular disease and people don’t have to visit a doctor for minor health issues like fever, cold and cough. Basic health information from online sources is good, especially when you can’t access professional healthcare immediately. Nonetheless, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming any medication. 

Better reach to people – 

With wider social media usage, people can contact healthcare professionals by chatting with them online. Moreover, doctors are publishing highly valuable information on social media so the general public can have a better awareness of health. A great social media presence not only caters to a wide audience for a doctor but patients can also leave feedback or a review to the doctors – making it two-way communication. 

Higher-standard treatments, equipment and medicine – 

It is totally undeniable that with the latest technologies, we have access to higher levels of treatments, equipment and medicine. With the advancement of technology, we have made it possible to cure terminating diseases and develop equipment that makes the process smoother than ever. 

Moreover, the latest technologies have also sped up the research and development part by connecting the relative professionals around the world. 

Quick Results – 

With emerging technologies, it has become possible to get quicker results of medical testing. Additionally, there are many labs that provide you with web portals where you can see your reports within a couple of hours online without having to leave your house. 

Final Words – 

No one can deny the fact that innovation of new technologies has influenced all industries and the healthcare sector is no exception. Not only has it improved the living standards of a general population but it has also improved the satisfaction level of patients in terms of getting adequate treatment and results. 

The Healthcare sector continues to advance by embracing all the latest technology before other industries experiment and leverage the technology to the fullest potential.    

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