Social Media Marketing Tips 2023: 7 Proven Tips To Follow

Somewhere around the year 2000, social media was a medium for connecting people and sharing special moments with friends and family. But the purpose of social media has changed over the years. It has mainly become a way for businesses and brands to promote their products rigorously. In this article, we will show the top Social Media Marketing Tips 2023.


According to Statista, around 3.6 billion people are using multiple social media networks and by 2025, this is supposed to increase by 4.4 billion. With such a huge audience base, all businesses want to grow on social media platforms and market their products in this “hot” market. But it is not as easy as it looks. Brands spend thousands of dollars and still don’t get desired results.


With lots of brands and content creators out there, people have become more picky and specific about what they want to see and whom they want to follow.


Social media is all about experimenting with new things and understanding the changing behaviour of the audience. The techniques and tricks that used to work some years ago, don’t work anymore for growing on social media. Brands have to continuously figure out new ways to keep their audience engaged and entertained.


7 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2023 


To help you solve the mystery of social media marketing in 2023, we have discussed the top 7 social media marketing tips for 2023.


Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Reels Are Trending Like Never Before


It has not been more than a year for reels to be on the Instagram platform and it is catching the attention of the majority of people. The main reason why people are heels over head for reels is their short duration, easy to consume content while bringing the best of entertainment on the table.


Ever since the release, the platform has pushed the reels over any other content and this has forced content creators to shift their focus on reels. This forced action and algorithm change made many creators furious but creators who embraced change won the race.


So, if you are a business wanting to have more reach and visibility on the platform, you should switch to reels over other formats of content. So, we can say that sharing reels can be one of the top social media marketing tips in 2023.


With reels, you can entertain your audience with trending and viral content and give them a quick sneak peek of your behind the scenes and how operations take place at your workplace. Reels are the quickest and easiest way to connect with your audience with a pinch of creativity and entertainment.


2. Saves And Shares Over Likes


Gone are the days when “likes” were the only measure to count popularity and growth on social media. Now we have more measures to count when it comes to social media content. The more people share and save your content, the more value it has to provide. The main factor why someone is sharing your content is they find it relatable and useful. The same applies to save counts – when somebody wants your content to use for future reference.


Instagram also gives more push and priority to the content that has more shares and saves. So focus more on creating content that delivers value and entertainment.


Moreover, Instagram had disabled count numbers in the past so nobody can know the real numbers a post gets – except the account holder. However, recently Instagram has made a change to that feature and allows account holders to decide whether they would like to show their like counts to other people.


The one thing that all of us have understood is that like count is not the only measure to validate the authenticity and credibility of content and business.


3. Collaboration With Micro-Influencers


Imagine getting your content visibility with the influence of a person who is already popular in his/her niche. Undoubtedly, Instagram Ads are a great way to market your products to the relevant audience but the influence and significance of personality can not be denied.


When a business wants to promote their products, they desire to collaborate with macro-influencers but end up collaborating with micro-influencers. The main reason could be a lack of resources and availability to book such influencers and celebrities and another is their tendency to buy fake followers.


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The benefit of collaborating with micro-influencers is that they are highly popular in their locality with a hugely loyal fanbase. Collaboration with influencers is one of the most underrated digital marketing strategies to level up your reach and visibility count.


4. Generating Multi-purpose Content


The main social media marketing tip in 2023 is creating multi-purpose content. There are many reasons why brands are following a multi-purpose content strategy for social media. Different kinds of people like different types of content and by creating multi-format content, brands get attention from multiple people. For example, if you are publishing a blog post content, use the same content and deliver the same value in visual and audio format as well.


One of the most significant benefits of multi-purpose content is that it reflects in many ways and opens a whole new world of discussion and opportunities.


Videos work better on LinkedIn while short videos and reels are best for Instagram, bite-sized content for Twitter and static posts for Facebook.


Social media is constantly changing so it is always advisable to experiment, test and discover what truly works for your brand.


5. Contests And Giveaways To Increase Brand Awareness


People love getting free products and it is a great way to attract a new bunch of followers and buyers for your products. Rolling out contest alerts is no news on social media. Many brands follow this practice and it attracts them a shower of likes, comments and followers. The best way to maximize the effectiveness of contests and free giveaways is to collaborate with influencers in your niche.


Some of the major benefits of Contest alerts are better brand awareness, access to consumer data (email list), more traffic to your page, increased sales, educating subscribers and broader impact.


Another major benefit of running contest alerts and giving away your products for free is that people can try your products and services and if they like them, they will become local brand ambassadors of your products and business! 🙂


6. Going Live


Live videos gained a lot more popularity during the recent pandemic. People were locked in their houses; seeking more human connections and interactions. The majority of the social media influencers started streaming live with their amazing personality and shared their views with the world.


People can interact and ask direct questions to their favourite influencers and get solutions for the queries and problems they may have. Ever since the pandemic, Live interactions have become more and more popular.


So as a business, it is important to go Live on your page and get connected with your audience quickly. To get more views and audience on Live, let your followers know that you will be going live and ask them to turn on notifications. Going Live is one of the best social media marketing tips for 2023.


7. Engage With Your Audience Before You Post And Ghost Once You Post


In the earlier days of social media marketing, people used to post their content and close the app to get maximum exposure and likes on their content. This trick used to work earlier but it stopped working eventually. However, it seems that it has started working again.


Chris Hanu, a famous influencer on YouTube and Instagram, says that you should post your content and close the app at least for an hour. This way you will get more exposure, likes,  and notifications from the app as it wants you to come back to the app and spend more time on the application. Though it might seem quite weird and stupid it is working for many creators on Instagram and other applications.


Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you stop engaging with your audience. You should know when to engage with your audience and when to step back to make the algorithm work for you.




This is all about the top 7 Social Media Marketing Tips 2023. “Change is the only constant” is 100% true when it comes to social media marketing. There is no one specific thing that guarantees growth on social media platforms. The trends that we have mentioned in the blog will be ruling in 2023 for social media marketing and would be making a great impact in the upcoming months and the first half of 2023.


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