A Complete Guide on How to Use Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite allows you to easily monitor and manage your social media profiles, including Facebook and Instagram, from a unified dashboard.


Learn all there is to know about Meta Business Suite right now!


You may be wondering what the big deal is about Meta Business Suite. A quick fact check reveals that businesses spend close to $115 billion annually on advertising on Meta (previously Facebook) networks.



What Is Meta Business Suite?


Complete with Facebook and Instagram control, the Meta Business Suite will be available to the public in 2020. Every step of the process, from planning and producing content to reacting to interaction and evaluating findings, can be handled with this in-house application. Plan organic marketing, manage to advertise, and catalogue your assets.


Business Suite allows you to accomplish all of the above (and more) in a single tab, making it more like a standard social media management tool. For example, with Business Suite, you can easily switch between Facebook and Instagram without missing a beat.


Meta Business Suite | Zupp Media


You can do the following using Meta Business Suite:


  • Update your social media profiles by posting or scheduling articles.
  • Check and respond to your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger notifications in one location.
  • Use a Robotic Process Automation system to generate answers to frequently asked inquiries and completed tasks.
  • Discover what your target market thinks.
  • Start marketing on social media platforms.
  • Gain access to additional Facebook tools and settings to handle your company’s Facebook page.


The Business Suite provides instantaneous access to almost every essential Meta tool. In addition, the tool’s setup wizard, eCommerce configuration, and rights management are all accessible straight from the dashboard.


The most significant part is that mobile and desktop users may access it without cost.


Since Facebook has approximately 3 billion active monthly users, this tool is an excellent method to expand your social network, raise product awareness, and boost sales.


As soon as you connect your accounts, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of your Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles in one convenient location.


Meta Business Suite vs. Facebook Business Manager


Previously, Facebook provided two different tools: Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Business Manager. Both choices are still accessible through the Meta menu.


Access to your company accounts may be shared or restricted using the Business Manager. This administrative tool allows you to designate users to one of six distinct “roles.”


Using the Business Suite, you can combine alerts, schedule posts, and organise your inbox all from the front page.


If you’re familiar with Facebook’s Business Manager, you will like Meta Business Suite. It unifies and simplifies your use of all Meta networking and messaging services.


Leveraging Meta Business Suite Insights


With the help of the Meta Business Suite, managing your company’s presence on Meta’s social and IM platforms and keeping tabs on your campaigns is a breeze.


An overview of the information that Meta Business Suite can give, along with some suggestions for its use, are as follows:


1. Engagement


With the help of Meta’s Business Suite, you can track how well your promoted and unpaid content is doing with your audience. For example, you may analyse the results of your social media posts to see what kinds of material are most popular with your audience.


2. Audience demographics


You can track who views your profile and content and how often with Business Suite. In addition, you may learn about their background, other hobbies, age, and more. With this data, you can either keep producing material aimed at your current user base or modify your approach if it seems to be missing its intended audience.


3. Ad spend


Advertisement budgets may be monitored in one place across all Meta services. You may alter your spending following your progress. For example, suppose you’re paying a lot on Instagram advertising but discovering via other data that they’re not doing well. In that case, you may shift your marketing dollars to the Meta platforms, where you succeed better.


If you want to improve your Facebook strategy, you should take the time to learn how to use Facebook insights.


How to Use Meta Business Suite?


First, you’ll need to set up Meta Business Suite so you can begin optimising your social media administration. You may skip the first few stages if you already have an account. However, doing so will prevent you from learning what you need to know to make an effective Meta business page.


Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Account


Get Started with Meta Business Suite


Visit the login page and choose “Create an Account.” You will be asked to sign in to your Facebook account or create a new one.


Step 2: Fill in Your Contact Information


Meta Business Suite - Create Account


Enter your complete name, professional email address, date of birth, phone number, and password. These details will not be shared with your followers. Facebook only uses this information to contact you.


Step 3: Select Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts


You may claim ownership of your Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, if you manage someone else’s account, you will not be able to pick it up.


For Instagram accounts to be selected, they must be changed to business or creator accounts. Facebook will prompt you to switch accounts if you pick a personal account throughout the setup.


Step 4: Add People to Your Business Account


Next, pick your page administrators. Enter their email addresses and designate each contact as an employee (with restricted access) or company administrator (full access).


You may skip this step if you are the only administrator of your accounts.


Step 5: Review Your Business Account


Click “Confirm” after you are satisfied with your decision and who has access to your Business Suite. Facebook will then direct you to your dashboard overview, where you may begin utilising the platform’s resources.


How to Use Meta Business Suite: Interface and Settings


The main page of Meta Business Suite delivers updates, recent posts, advertisements, and analytics for your Facebook and Instagram profiles. In addition, you can find notifications, messages, and comments that need your immediate attention here.


You may also write a post/story from the home screen or advertise your company.


Meta Business Suite | Zupp Media


On the right are the most recent observations. They’re:


  • Trends. Reach trends display how your Facebook page’s reach has risen or decreased over the last week.
  • Audience. The total amount of Facebook Likes received by a page over its existence.
  • All Tools are accessible at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar. In addition, you may modify your company account’s vital information, permissions, and access settings by navigating to the Page settings from this page.


The Meta Business Suite enables you to create a Facebook page. Go to “Page settings” to do this.


Meta Business Suite - Page Settings


You may configure shortcuts, specify who can post to your Page timeline, modify Page Info, and manage page responsibilities from “Page settings.”


Meta Business Suite - All Settings


How to Connect an Instagram Account on Meta Business Suite


You must link your Instagram account to the Meta Business Suite to control Instagram activity. This will allow you to make and schedule posts, react to comments and messages via Instagram Direct, generate advertising, and get audience data.


Go to your Business Account and choose “Settings” from the left-hand sidebar. Next, click “Add Instagram accounts” after selecting “Business assets” and navigating to the “Instagram accounts” option.


Meta Business Suite - Manage Accounts


Enter your Instagram credentials. You may be requested to link this account if you are already signed in. Verify that you connect the correct version, or click “Switch accounts.”


To link your account to Meta Business Suite, click “Confirm.”


How to Understand the Performance of Your Facebook/Instagram Pages with Meta Business Suite Insights In the “Insights” area of Meta Business Suite, you can see the overall reach of the page on Facebook and Instagram as well as the coverage of each post.


Meta Business Suite - Insights


The “Overview” page also shows statistics on your audiences. For example, you can see the number of likes on your Facebook page in the last 28 days, divided by gender and age.


Go to “Results” to see how Page Reach changes over time.


In the “Content” section, you can find rich statistics for each post: the number of Likes, comments, and reposts.


Go to “Audience” to view the target audience report. You can compose a portrait of your audience on Facebook or Instagram from the report data. The tool provides demographic characteristics such as Age, Gender, Top Cities, and Countries.


Leverage more tools to manage your Facebook pages


Under the “All tools” section, you can find more valuable tools. For example, you can manage your billing, install Business Apps, manage Profiles, and more.


Wrapping Up


The marketing industry has just adopted a new tool, the Meta Business Suite. It has taken the role of Facebook’s Business Suite. It makes managing your company’s Instagram, and Facebook accounts much more accessible. Meta, on the other hand, is excited to roll out the platform’s features to companies of all sizes. Therefore, we anticipate a plethora of new content shortly.


Regarding marketing on Facebook and Instagram, Meta Business Suite is the best tool for artists, personal brands, and corporations.


You can track your progress, respond to comments and direct messages from your audience, plan content and social media marketing, and do much more with this platform.


There are other social media management solutions, so even if you’re just utilising these two platforms to run your company, you may want to look at the Business Suite. It’s possible you’ll discover it’s a more powerful tool, allowing you to eliminate yet another line item from your company’s monthly operating costs.


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What is Meta Business Suite?


The Meta Business Suite is an all-in-one free platform for managing social media channels, including Facebook Pages and Instagram. In addition to reading and responding to comments, publishing new content, and scheduling and publishing articles, you may also display advertisements.


The Meta Business Suite is not accessible to me; what to do now?


Create an account for the Meta business suite by clicking here. Your Facebook business page must be linked if you already have one.


When will Facebook change their name to Beta?


Facebook officially changed their name to Meta in October of 2021. The platform is still called Facebook, but the business tools, parent company, and stock are now called Meta.


When I get Meta Business Suite, where do I go from here to set it up?


Getting up and running with Meta Business Suite requires little effort. First, get yourself to the sign-in page and do as instructed. You will be prompted to sign up for Facebook or log in with an existing account. Then, register your company’s information, assign administrators, and start boosting your social media marketing with this tool!

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