A Guide to Digital PR and Why It’s Important for SEO and Link Building? – 2023 Guide

Digital PR is an important part of the link-building strategy in SEO. If you are not leveraging on it for your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. A business can expect significant results by carrying out a Digital Press Release strategy.


Digital PR is not merely a tactic to earn backlinks in bulk but it builds brand awareness and provides authority in the domain along with other benefits.


In this blog post, we will discuss digital PR and why it is important for SEO and link building. Let’s see how Digital Press Release is a way to skyrocket your website’s organic traffic and growth.


What Is Digital PR?


Digital Press Release is one of the most important and beneficial ways of building backlinks for your website. By collaborating with relevant journalists and publications, you can encourage them to write and give links to your website.


One needs to consider the topics they would like to have links on as that decides the engagement and value you provide to your readers.


There is a difference between guest posting and digital PR. In digital PR, links are placed by editors and they have decision authority over whether they want to publish and link your content.


Digital PR is not dependent on money exchange practice but a way to promote great and meaningful content to the right audience.


Digital PR is generally done by highly reputed and authoritative sources like newspapers, industry resources, and data-providing sources. Keeping in mind the nature of digital PR, it is not easy for your competitors to replicate your earned links through digital PR.


What’s The Difference Between Digital PR Vs. Traditional PR?


Digital PR vs Traditional PR


Based on the names, we can easily judge that digital PR targets online publications while traditional PR targets offline publications.


There are many more differences between digital PR and traditional PR. With traditional PR, you can not measure the impact of your campaign and activity whereas digital PR allows you to measure the effectiveness and results of the activities you have been carrying out (better traffic, increased DA of your website, and overall improved SEO performance).


For making a real impact in the industry with your press releases, you will need to have brand stories, data-driven studies, research pieces, and infographics that encourage meaningful conversations.


Why Digital PR is Important For SEO and Link Building?


Importance of Digital PR


No one can deny the fact that Digital Press Release drives more value and sales to your website and business.


Benefits of Digital PR for your SEO and Link Building efforts:



1. It Earns Authority Links From Well-Known Publications:


PR is the only way to get links from high-authority and top-tier publications. Along with the other organic mentions, digital PR helps you in getting high-authority links with decent velocity to overtake your competitors.



2. Your Competitors Can’t Steal Your Links:


It is a common practice in digital marketing to find your competitors’ backlinks and add your backlinks thereby reaching out to the webmaster with another guest posting. This way no one gets the competitive advantage of those backlinks.


Through guest posts and backlinks providing value to your website, you can get trapped in the open game of cat and mouse with your competitors.


With digital PR and strategic planning of getting high-quality links, you can gain quality links and mentions that your competitors can’t steal easily.



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3. Better Brand Awareness and Attention From Target Audience:


As top-tier publications have readers in millions and trillions. With such a huge base of readers, your brand gets exposure to unimaginable numbers of people which makes you an authoritative figure.


Moreover, these publications assign your articles and news to a particular category and thus it reaches your target audience directly. Building brands is a time taking process and every business owner should remember this. No amount of random link-building can justify the links gained with digital PR.



4. Drive More Referral Traffic and Sales:


95% of the links built through blog posting don’t get clicked. However, with digital PR your website gets referral traffic and you can retarget those people to improve the sales and revenue of your business.


Digital PR justifies the cost and efforts it involves as it helps you in achieving your long-term marketing goals.



5. Build Trust Among People:


Whether a person falls in your target market or not, when you get published in a reputable publication you get attention at a scale. As a general marketing rule and human psychology, you need to show expertise, authority, and trustworthiness to win the trust of people. Digital PR helps you secure a place in the most popular publications.


When you get featured in popular publications, people realize that your voice is worth listening to. Moreover, you can proudly boast about your authority in the industry.



6. Create Real-Buzz and Engagement On Social Media:


When you get eyeballs on your business, you grow your business at multiple levels and scales. With attention from such a big scale, people will start searching for you all across the platforms, and to get content from you, they will start following you on social media and other platforms.


Get ready to enjoy the popularity and fame your business gets with Digital PR! 🙂


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