eCommerce PPC Tips For 2023: 8 Ways To Increase Your Ad Conversion

Are you running an eCommerce business and want to drive higher sales with Google Ads but have no success yet? Running multiple PPC campaigns without getting desired results with sales? If you have nodded for even one, you have landed on the right blog post to solve all your queries. Here will get to know all about eCommerce PPC Tips and pave the way for you to get higher clicks and conversions on your PPC campaigns.


Keep reading the blog and you will know the top 8 ways to increase your ad conversion for an eCommerce store.


Before knowing the tips and tricks to improve the conversion ratio for your eCommerce store through PPC, let’s understand what PPC is.


What Is PPC Or Google Ads?


PPC also known as Google Ads is a smart and technical way of getting leads for your business within a limited time and budget. When you run a paid ad campaign, Google’s AI algorithm starts working for you and shows your ad when triggered by targeted keywords.


According to a study, 84% of eCommerce stores and businesses spend 76% of their advertising and marketing budget on Google Ads as of 2023.


Here are some eCommerce PPC tips to make your Google Ads lead factory for your eCommerce business:


Make Your Ad Copy Human-Centric


The first and foremost thing all businesses need to understand is that they are selling their products and services to humans and not search engines. Get personal with your ad copies. Address humans and talk to them like you would talk to them if they were in front of you.


Talk about their pain points and be empathetic. Ask the right questions and urge them to take the desired action with a sense of urgency. Providing a sense of urgency improves the rate of conversion.


Ad copies can make or break your campaign. Be relatable to your target audience and use the language they use along with the targeted keywords.


Don’t Forget To Remarket


Imagine, you are passing a road and you see an advertisement. When you pass that road again, you notice and remind yourself about the product that you wanted to buy and consider your purchase decision again. The same happens with your target audience. When they see your ad for the first time, they may not take immediate action but when they see it again, they consider their purchase again.


Overlooking remarketing is missing a big opportunity that is right in front of you. Using the tracking code properly will help you to be visible to potential customers again. Research says that conversion is usually high when a business is consistent with remarketing efforts. Retargeting people who have already shown interest in your advertisement before is more meaningful than targeting new people.


A/B Test With Multiple Landing Pages


Advertisements and marketing are all about understanding human psychology and experimenting with new things. Experiment with two to three ad copies and various colours and UI/UX on landing pages to see what is working best for you.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to concluding. What is working right now may not work later and vice versa. Ad copies play an important role in CTR rate while UI/UX and colour psychology influences bounce rate and conversion ratio. Every element of your landing page needs to be analysed and tested before finalising.


Navigate and look for case studies to understand what kind of campaign works best for generating leads in your niche. Webinars are the best for the education sector while case studies work for research and development professionals. A giveaway is also a good way to create an email list and leverage it later.


List Negative Keywords


In simple language, negative keywords are those keywords that are not relevant to your products and offers. When you don’t want to show your ad for some specific searches like “free” “cheap” “low rates” or for competitors centric searches, you can label those keywords as negative keywords.


Here’s simple logic: sometimes we might not know what we want but we are clear about what we don’t want and that makes things clear a little. This is known as negative choice psychology.


The same concept is applicable in PPC too. You can decide what you don’t want to appear for and that cuts the costs significantly. Negative keywords are great for boosting your Google Ads conversion rates.


Increase eCommerce Ad Conversion


The three most significant benefits of adding negative keywords to your campaign are improved CTR, lower CPC, and boosted ROI.


On-Page SEO


Ask any digital marketing professional, and they will tell you that SEO is the first and most important step to building a digital marketing strategy for your business. Be it PPC, email marketing campaigns or creating sales funnels to generate leads. If your online presence and website are not well-optimized, all the efforts are wasted.


Your organic reach matters a lot while running paid ad campaigns. Optimize all aspects of your website to rank your ad on top with a higher ad quality score.


Make sure that your website has:

→ Targeted keywords in place

→ Interlinking and page indexation of all pages

→ Optimized heading, titles, URL, meta description, Alt tags and content of the website

→ User-friendly and easy to navigate website

→ Avoid black hat SEO tactics


Use Ad Extensions


Ad extensions are a great way to track the performance of your PPC campaigns. There are a lot of ad extensions to leverage, here are some of them for you to pick accordingly:


Structured Snippet:


Structured Snippet extension is a great way to show different varieties and aspects of your products and services. It makes it easy for audiences to understand the multiple options and offers you have.




Reviews are one of the best ways to push customers to buy your product and services. Show all the love and support you have received from your past and present customers.


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Set The Timings For Your Ads


Time is everything. Be it ad planning or execution. If you are targeting professionals, office hours are the best to run your ads with higher bids. Whereas, if you have offers and discounts for particular festivals, it is advisable to run ads around those days and months with aggression. Choose a time when people will be most likely to purchase an item. Setting specific times for your ads will give you the best results at a low cost and less time.


Make It Easy To Take Desired Action


Let’s be honest here, the more steps customers have to take, the less likely they will go further with it. For example, if you are selling handbags – make it a one-click process rather than filling in a lot of information and then leading to the buy now button.


Final Words


This is all about eCommerce PPC Tips for 2023. Running a PPC campaign is no joke. It may look easy and an automatic task but one needs to have marketing skills to plan a strategy that makes it possible to meet the marketing goals.


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