How to Become a Construction Project Manager

When writing a construction project manager resume, be sure to emphasize your experience and the soft skills you’ve gained that relate to the job, as well as any certifications. Many project managers get their start in non-managerial roles and work their way up to project manager as they take on more responsibilities. A software development project manager, for example, might start out as a software developer, and a construction project manager might have some experience as a civil engineer. Others may work as consultants to get exposure to business processes and sharpen management skills. A project manager in construction could have a different set of skills and background than in other fields.

The project manager is essential for a successful construction project and requires a lot of hard work, training, and a particular skill set. With the increase of construction projects around the United States, there is also an increased call for project managers to lead these projects. An experienced project manager can make good money, with PayScale reporting an average salary of around $75,000. If you think you have the skills and drive to become a construction project manager, here are some things to consider.

Career Resources for Construction Project Management

As such, competent managers who can oversee projects throughout their life cycles are at a premium in the modern workplace. Doing hands-on work in your industry can give you an advantage as a project manager. You’ll understand the ins and outs of the work required, empathize with team members, and have a better grasp on how to approach a project.

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Planning and starting a project from scratch, collaborating with others to overcome challenges, and seeing your efforts end in measurable success can be hugely rewarding. Project managers can also enjoy being able to work on many different types of projects and learn from each of them, as no two are the same. Some potential downsides include the demanding nature of the job and the emphasis on meeting deadlines.

Entry-level project management

Whichever route you take, formal training in construction project management, such as a certificate or master’s program, is often necessary. “To avoid stagnating in your career, be open to getting the education that you need,” Angus suggested. More and more construction project managers have bachelor’s degrees when they enter the field. The common degree for a project manager in construction is a degree in construction engineering, building science, or construction science.

Directors of project management oversee the strategy and success of a project management division within a business. They work to ensure individual projects are aligned with the larger goals of an organization and create a blueprint for how those goals can be achieved as a project management team. They can manage multiple project managers, work cross-functionally, and interact with higher-level leaders within the organization. Project managers plan and execute projects to help organizations improve processes, develop new products, build structures, or complete other initiatives.

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It’s also a great time to register any challenges that may help future projects. Construction drawings/specifications and knowledgeable in standard construction industry… Be among the first to get timely program info, career tips, event invites and more.

  • Project managers in the U.S. earn a median annual salary of $115,000, according to a 2022 jobs report by PMI.
  • This career path can be a satisfying one for those who enjoy working with people and have strong organizational skills.
  • With the rise in construction and project manager jobs in construction, now is a good time to be able to find work in your desired profession.
  • As a part of this sector, construction project management is a profitable career since there are predicted to be 41,000 job opportunities annually in the US alone throughout this decade.

You need both education and experience to build a career as a construction project manager. Some people come to the profession right out of college with a bachelor’s degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, engineering or a related subject. Others come from working in a different role in the construction industry — for example, as a craftsperson or office administrator.

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