Elevate your agency’s digital marketing game with our white-label PPC services, empowering you to offer clients high-impact advertising campaigns that drive results, all while maintaining your agency’s identity

PPC Services

Google Ads: Create ads on Google’s search results pages and other website across the internet, targeting specific keyword, demographics and geographic locations

Bing Ads: Create ads on Bing search engines and other Microsoft platforms such as MSN, Outlook and LinkedIn

Amazon Ads: Create ads on search results, product pages and other areas on Amazon website.

What Sets ZUPP Apart?

Work with us as long as you want. Cancel Anytime

With seven years of industry expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project

Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager, ensuring personalised attention and seamless communication throughout your journey with us

Our team of Google Ads certified experts brings a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to craft and manage high-performing advertising campaigns that deliver exceptional results for your business

As a Google Partner, we offer clients the assurance of expert-level PPC management, ensuring their campaigns are optimised for success and maximum ROI

With experience spanning multiple industries, we bring a versatile and adaptable approach to meet the unique challenges of your business

PPC advertising can be easily integrated with other marketing channels, such as email marketing and social media marketing, to create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy

Our Packages

Package Details White Label PPC Pro Partner Power PPC Premium Partner PPC Elite Label PPC
Monthly Fee $799/Month $1199/Month $2199/Month $3499/Month
Hours Per Month 30 Hours 45 Hours 80 Hours 130 Hours
Team Shared Shared Shared Dedicated
PPC - Google Adwords Setup
PPC Audit Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-depth website analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
GA4 Setup or Migration Yes Yes Yes Yes
PPC Activities
Website Review & Ongoing Consulting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set Initial Expectations and Specific Business Goals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Perform a Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Build Negative Keywords List and Implementation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call To Action (CTA) Optimization Suggestion No Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Tracking, Research and Benchmarking Basic Advance Advance Advance
Build Campaigns for Search, Display, Shopping, PMax, & Remarketing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Categorization, Matching Options and AdGroup Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creative & Effective Ad Copy – Multiple Ads Per AdGroup for Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad Scheduling No No No Yes
A/B Testing No No Yes Yes
Mobile Ads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Design No No Yes Yes
Ads Extension Setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Responsive Display Ads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Ads No No Yes Yes
Account - Campaign Optimisation
AIDA(Attract, Interest, Desire & Action) Model Strategy No No No Yes
Keyword optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad-Copy optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword bids optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
ROI Analysis No No No Yes
Landing Page Optimisation No No Yes Yes
Display Ads Optimisation No Yes Yes Yes
Heat Map Analysis No No No Yes
CTR Optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Monthly Bi - Weekly Weekly Weekly
Google Analytics Report No Bi - Weekly Weekly Weekly
Campaign | Adgroup | Keyword | Position | Clicks | Cost | CPC | Impressions | CTR Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conversions |Conv. Rate | Cost Per Conv. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Data Studio Custom Report No No Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance Review Call No Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly