SEO For Pinterest: How to Do Pinterest SEO in 2023

Before we get into the details of SEO for Pinterest, it is not only a social media platform but also a search engine.


Pinterest SEO, however, is not nearly as challenging or competitive as Google SEO. You may begin interacting with your intended audience via Pinterest in a significantly shorter time.


Many company owners have no concept of how Pinterest works, so they blindly pin and repin their material without giving it any attention (if any search terms or descriptions are added).


Answering the question, “What is Pinterest SEO?”


It would help if you used SEO for Pinterest or search engine optimization to increase the likelihood that your pins will be shown in search results and other users’ home feeds.


In a word, Pinterest SEO clarifies to Pinterest’s algorithm the nature of a user’s profile, board, or pin so that it may be shown to users interested in such content.


SEO For Pinterest: How to Do Pinterest SEO in 2023


Tips To Optimize Pinterest Page: Pinterest SEO


Pinterest SEO is also less complicated than Google SEO due to Pinterest’s less complex algorithm. We’ll go into more detail about the algorithm below, but for now, know that there is nothing advanced about SEO for Pinterest pages that would be inaccessible to a newbie blogger.


1. Write an outstanding Bio


Suppose you want people to find you on Pinterest. In that case, you need to include relevant keywords in your profile bio, no matter how short or creative.


Are you having trouble visualizing this, eh? Our best advice for writing a compelling bio is as follows.


If you’re at a loss for how to get started, try penning a bio that explains what it is that you give.


In your initial draught, emphasize the words someone would use to find your Pinterest profile.


Use the first phrase to contain high-traffic keywords connected to your company. Use the second to add a catchy slogan or quotation if you’re going for a creative profile.


Put a call to action in your bio. This is an excellent place for a call to action and can help boost conversions.


2. Create compelling, unique material


How should one optimize their Pinterest profile so it can be found through search engines? When it comes to how to do SEO for Pinterest, develop content that consumers will want to see, save, and engage with regularly.


You need to produce ideas that are relevant, helpful, and aesthetically attractive if you want to capture the attention of Pinners. This entails the creation of branded visuals, the distribution of high-quality photographs, and writing captions that provide your audience with a value that can be felt.


3. Make pinboards visible to search engines


You will need to ensure that the search engine visibility settings are turned on so that others can find your pinboards on Pinterest. Not a big deal, but I thought you should know in case you wanted to verify your preferences.


You’ll need to go over to your account’s settings page. In the search privacy settings, you may choose to prevent search engines like Google from seeing your profile. You should not enable these settings in any capacity for SEO for Pinterest, whether you are a blogger or a company proprietor.


4. Do Pinterest keyword research


Now comes the part when the actual work begins. Researching keywords on Pinterest is the approach to determining which terms should be used in your pins, boards, and descriptions. SEO for Pinterest uses is not the same as what Google does. There are a few obvious distinctions, but for the time being, we will concentrate on some suggestions for selecting keywords on Pinterest.


You may discover some relevant terms using the search box at the top of the page. Pinterest will automatically display additional keyword searches that are related.


Pinterest Search: SEO for Pinterest


Using the sample that was just shown, we can choose other keywords such as gift ideas for Christmas, gift ideas for ladies, gift ideas that can be made at home, gift ideas for adolescents, and so on. This even provides you with new ideas for blog posts to write about.


The next suggestion is to investigate any issues with your company. Look at the category, and determine which issues are relevant to your company. Condense your primary search term. Pinterest will recommend more relevant keywords, and you should take advantage of these suggestions.


Ensure that you have completed the necessary Pinterest keyword research before pinning your most recent blog content.


5. Make use of keywords all across your profile


One of the simplest and most effective strategies to improve your SEO for Pinterest page is to include relevant keywords in your display name.


Please consider the terms pertinent to your company, industry, or speciality, and utilize them as keywords and phrases.


To increase your visibility in Pinterest’s search results, utilize the primary term in your username.


It would help if you chose a user name that is both memorable and consistent with the image you want to portray of your company.


To increase your chances of being found across many platforms, you should maintain a consistent username across all your online profiles.


Using keywords can boost your SEO for Pinterest and make your Pinterest account more visible to your target audience.


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6. Make Use of Hashtags


Using a hashtag is essential when it comes to Pinterest SEO. It improves the discoverability of your material on Pinterest. You may increase visibility in your specialized market by using hashtags while pinning. A pinned post permits a maximum of three hashtags. Two or three hashtags, at most, is what I would suggest. The keywords your users will be searching for should be carefully selected.


Would it be wise to make use of the #hashtag on Pinterest?


There haven’t been many modifications to Pinterest lately, and the site’s founders now advise against using hashtags.


7. Enhance style and quality of pins


Unfortunately, we can’t deny that Pinterest is primarily a visual medium. It’s all up to you to get people to your site. To learn how to improve the performance of your pins on Pinterest, you should;

Do you know the insides of a pin?


Learn the art of making the perfect pin if you want to get noticed on Pinterest. Pinterest SEO guidelines are essential to consider when creating a pin.


How can I make my pins attractive and search engine optimized?

Some guidelines for creating the ideal pin are provided below.


Please use the correct pin size (600px wide by 900px high). This is the standard pin size; however, you may try out other dimensions up to a maximum height of 1250 pixels.


  • Explore colour play
  • Captivating descriptive terminology for the photo
  • Add a caption to the picture.
  • Put in a good picture.
  • Please choose a legible font.


The most crucial thing is that your pin serves a function. Make sure the picture is crystal clear if you want to sell your goods. For instance, if you provide instructions, be careful to provide all the stages.


8. Advertise on Pinterest


Out of many SEO tips for Pinterest, Pinterest Ads are the promoted pins you pay to be seen by more people.


You may promote an already successful Pin, create a whole new image or video for your advertising campaign, or even use photos directly from your website’s media library to create Pins and advertisements.


Due to Pinterest’s nature as a discovery platform, its users aren’t often inundated with a barrage of promotional content. Because of this, people are more inclined to be intrigued by advertisements for novel concepts or products.


9. To increase your exposure, follow other accounts


Though Pinterest isn’t as much of a social network as it is a place to share and find inspiration, the people you follow may significantly impact your experience.


To determine where you should be shown in user-suggested Boards and profiles, Pinterest looks at who you’re following. Pinners whose profiles are similar to yours will see your Pins more often in their recommended Pin ideas.


The appropriate people see you if you follow the proper accounts.


10. SEO for Pin Descriptions on Pinterest


Sometimes, the pin description won’t even appear when attempting to repin anything on Pinterest, particularly on mobile. Just remember that it’s normal for this kind of thing to happen every once in a while, and try to remain calm.


Recently, there was a significant issue with bloggers whose websites included pin descriptions but whose desktop pinning experiences left the pin description area empty. Previously, you could not use it, but the problem has been resolved.


Pin descriptions are still a ranking criterion, even if they don’t appear in the feed. Descriptions that don’t include keywords and hashtags won’t be found.


Your site’s and pin descriptions aren’t matching up, and people are becoming confused.


Wrap Up


This article covered all you need to know about SEO for Pinterest to increase your blog’s traffic in 2023.


You don’t need to overcomplicate things, even if you’re starting with Pinterest SEO. Your blog or website’s traffic may skyrocket in no time at all with the help of a few simple SEO strategies.


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