The Importance of Social Media Marketing In 2023 For Your Business Growth

Living in a world where everyone is spending most of their time on social media, it becomes essentially important for brands and businesses to engage with their customers and audience on social media platforms. So, it’s mandatory to know the importance of social media marketing. According to our observation, millennials and Gen Z are more likely to check the social media profiles of brands before making a purchase.


They may not follow you on social media platforms as the audience has become more choosy nowadays but having creative, innovative, appealing, and entertaining content surely attracts more likes and followers on your social media profiles.


We can not emphasize enough the importance of social media and if you are a social media manager or have social media marketing for your business in place, you already know the amazing results it provides. But if you are not leveraging social media yet, in this blog post you will get all the reasons to start your social media marketing in 2022.


Be it Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, businesses are leveraging social media in all the ways possible. Social media platforms have become the go-to window to learn, create & find opportunities, and engage with their respective communities for millennials and Gen Z.


Whether you are B2B or B2C, you need to keep in mind that you are dealing with humans after all – you need to focus on your social and communication skills.


Importance Of Social Media Marketing In 2023


Importance of Social Media Marketing


Here are the top 11 reasons why social media marketing is important for your business in 2023:


Brand Awareness:


Having social media presence across multiple platforms is highly beneficial when it comes to improving brand awareness for your business. People can find your products and services while they are entertained on social media. Adopting an entertaining and engaging tone for your brand improves the engagement rate and popularity among your target audience.


If you are a B2B, showing behind the scene of your business, providing highlights of your employees, and sharing stories of your direct customers improves the trust factor among your target audience.


Generating and Nurturing Leads:


With paid marketing campaigns and organic efforts, your business can get more exposure followed by higher leads. As a business, you need to focus on meaningful and engaging content to drive attention and leads from your target audience.


Regular posting of informative and branded content improves brand credibility and authority and higher the chances of lead conversions. Moreover, when your audience sees you active on your social media platforms, you encourage them to send you direct messages to start a conversation and solve their issues as soon as possible.


All of these works together to push the conversion ratio to the highest possible level with long-term loyalty to the brand.


Direct Connect With The Audience:

When you are a big brand, there are huge chances that you may lose a direct connection with your customers. By being active on social media, you can develop and foster healthy and candid communication with your audience and you can know the ground reality of your brand and business.


Measurable Efforts and Results:


One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is that you can measure your efforts which is not the case with traditional marketing. With social media marketing tools, you can track key performance indicators (KPI) metrics whereas you can use earned media value (EMV) offers an idea of how much organic social engagement and reach would have cost if you paid in ads.


Brand Authenticity & Authority:


When you are consistent with your social media postings that include valuable content, people start perceiving your brand as an authority in your field and everything you put out becomes authentic content for your audience; of course – your brand needs to be as honest and as genuine as possible. Otherwise, it will harm your brand reputation in a way that can’t be replaced easily.


Growing Your Audience and Building a Community:


Social media platforms are a great way of attracting and growing your audience online. In 2021, 4.48 billion people are using social media platforms and as you can see it is huge. By diving deep into social media marketing, you can know what people are actually interested in and drive people and thus you can plan your social media content accordingly. Once you have mastered the art of creating energetic content, you can build a community around your brand and thrive your business like never before. 


Leveraging employee and user-generated content, you can get more engagement on your posts while moving towards your journey of leading a community. Moreover, User-generated content (UGC) and employee-generated content (EGC) speaks to your audience in an authentic way and keep your content publishing pipeline flush with lots of fresh options.


Grab Attention From Decision Makers:


When your business is aggressively active on social media, you grab the attention of decision-makers. Be it attending webinars, conducting YouTube Lives or commenting on valuable inputs in your community are more likely to get more clients and leads that increase the revenue of your business.



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Here are some of the most important social media facts that you need to keep in mind:


Social Media Facts


By considering all the benefits of social media mentioned above, here are some of the facts that will help you decide further about your business’s social media planning: 


  • According to Buffer, almost 90% of marketers believe that social is very important to have a social media presence while 30% of them believe that it is somewhat important to their overall marketing strategy. 


  • 82% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a means of networking and making professional connections. Moreover, in 2017, 80% of social media B2B leads were generated through LinkedIn while 91% of B2B buyers. 


  • Every second, 13 new people start using social media. 


  • ⅔ of the social media users said that they trust recommendations from their friends and family but only 10% said they won’t believe or trust a companies’ official social media posts. 


  • Around 80% of job applications use social media to find out new employment opportunities. 


  • 93% of Twitter activities are said that they welcome a brand’s opinion on a particular subject if they have intent to help while 90% of Instagram users follow a business or branded account.  


  • LinkedIn has 800 million members across 200 countries and North America makes up around 25% of that population.


  • Facebook has the largest pool of audience all across the globe, covering 59% of the audience all across the globe. 


  • During the first wave of Covide-19, LinkedIn became even more important for B2B marketers and they turned to LinkedIn to execute their marketing strategy. 


Rock 2023 with Social Media Marketing


Hope you understand the importance of social media marketing for your business. If your business hasn’t started engaging with your audience yet, 2023 is a great time to start your social media marketing. It’s better late than never for all things including social media marketing. Whether you are starting from scratch or reconsidering your strategy again – 2023 is definitely going to be your year when it comes to social media marketing. 


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