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Whether you are hiring a new employee or hiring a graphic design agency for design requirements, the interview can be a tricky and time taking process. There are a lot of graphic designers and agencies out there and finding the best one that matches your standards, vision, and qualities is a little difficult. 

Be it a logo, brochure, company profile, menus, visiting cards, website and app design, or social media posts; you need to hire the right people that are reliable enough to develop and continue with your brand’s visual identity. 

Interviewing potential employees and graphic design agencies is the most important thing as it decides how both the parties are going to work together in future. The Interview process and asking the right questions is surely worth your time as a client. 

Here is the list of top 9 questions to ask your graphic design agency before you hire them. So let’s start quickly without wasting much of your time. 

Ask For Their Work Portfolio: 

First thing first. To gauge the skills and experience of a designer, you will need to have a look at the portfolio that shows their previous work and grip over multiple software and design styles. 

You can also ask if they have worked with other clients from your field as it will give you a more specific idea about their work and a metric to check if they will be a good fit. 

Some designers will have a wide range of work to show while others will have expertise in a particular field and style. 

You know your requirements the best and going through the portfolio will give you a fair idea if you would like to go ahead with a graphic design agency or not.  

Testimonials And References: 

One of the most significant things to ask for is testimonials and references. If an agency or a designer has worked with other people before, they will have testimonials and references with them for sure. Moreover, you can learn things about them that are subtle like their working style, how they are as people and how they treat their clients. 

What Are Their Charges? 

Budget plays an important role when it comes to any project. You can’t spend thousands and millions of dollars on something that can be done at much lower rates. Prices may vary from designer to designer and agency to agency based on their experience and expertise. 

However, don’t fall into the trap of the cheapest option and look for the value and standards you are getting in return. 

Designers generally don’t charge per hour as they know that their outputs are not limited to the hours they are working but that also includes their creativity, skills and expertise in the domain. 

Ask 2 to 3 agencies about their charges and deliverables and you will get a fair idea about the current standard rates in the market. 

What Are The Deliverables You Are Looking For? 

When you look for a design, other things come with it. For example, when you hire a freelance graphic designer or an agency for designing a logo, you’ll need many different logo files with two to three options to place in multiple places like brochures, flags and company profiles. 

It is advisable to make a list of deliverables you are looking for to make the process smooth with effective communication skills. You will find that there are more things to be included than what you were thinking before. Ask if all the things mentioned in the deliverables are included in the quotation or is there anything that will charge extra. 

What’s The Timeline? 

As each project is different, all of them will take different times to complete. When starting a project, it is important to discuss how long it would take to complete the project and what are the key milestones to consider. When you know when you can expect results, it becomes easier for you to plan further things accordingly. Additionally, consider the time for changes suggested by you. 

If you are an established brand, mention how many people will be involved in the project and whose decision will be considered final. 

How Do They Work? 

Every designer and agency work differently. To make things clear before you start, ask how many design options they would be providing, how many rounds of revisions they would provide and when they will be handing over the final design to you. Getting answers to all of these questions will help you understand the process and to see if that is fine with you. 

How Do They Deal With Creative Blocks And What Are Their Sources Of Inspiration?

Let’s be honest here, no one feels full of inspiration and creativity all the time. We all feel tired and frustrated at some time or the other. In such situations, it is important to know how an agency gets out of that situation. Knowing what resources they look up to and how they manage work under pressure with tight deadlines will give you a judgement if that design agency is good to go with. 

How Do They Incorporate Negative Feedback? 

Not all are going to like the designs designers make and they face rejections at multiple stages of their design career. Not meeting client expectations or receiving negative feedback can be because of multiple reasons including miscommunication between the parties and different levels of standards. It is important to know how they’ve responded to their failures in the past and what steps they took to overcome the obstacle. By knowing the story of their failure, you can gauge their resilience and flexibility. 

What They Have To Ask You? 

Other than the questions you ask them, it is also important to know what they have to ask you. As you have questions for them, they will be having questions for you. By asking appropriate questions, a design agency will get an understanding of your business along with its vision, mission, standards and values. Moreover, it will also help them in understanding your target audience and their pain points.  

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