What are the skills required for WordPress developer?

When looking for any job, you want to provide as much evidence of your skills and competencies as possible. This is true of virtually any career, but especially a career in WordPress development. When comparing WordPress vs. Joomla, Drupal, and other content management systems, WordPress has the largest global community dedicated to improving the platform. You can set up a local or remote environment, where you’ll store all your WordPress plugin and theme files along with the WordPress core files. This will enable you to test and view changes in a browser instantly.

  • If you already know your way around PHP, WordPress plugin development shouldn’t feel overwhelming.
  • You also have options if you are an aspiring WordPress developer who is not interested in freelancing.
  • There are also other great platforms, including Hostinger Tutorials, WPKube, and Lynda.com.
  • You can use some of these front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, React, Laravel, Foundation, Semantic UI and UIKit.
  • If you work through them one by one, or even just learn a handful, it will make you much more effective at doing either.
  • Procrastinations will ill-favour your progress in web development.

For example, you could use GitHub to manage your plugin’s code and then deploy straight to WordPress using a tool like WP Pusher. For more on this type of approach, you can read our full WordPress GitHub guide. The simplest option, and the easiest way to let other people use your plugin, is to just package your main plugin folder as a ZIP file. The answers to these questions will impact how you approach coding your plugin. For this example, we’ll be recreating the Hello Dolly plugin that’s been with WordPress since the beginning.

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Google has found that 53% of mobile visitors leave a website that doesn’t load within three seconds. Media queries are conditional CSS markup that allow you to add rules that only apply in certain cases. That’s because among the conditions you can apply are https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-wordpress-developer/ maximum and minimum screen sizes. They are a set of functionality that allow you to examine any website. Among other things, you can view the HTML structure and CSS markup as well as manipulate them in and see the changes inside the browser right away.

What skills do you need for WordPress

Or, rather than work with clients on their sites, WordPress developers might review and debug the official WordPress codebase to make the software better for all. If you wish to interact with the database, you will need to know MySQL. Junior WordPress developers may not need to know MySQL, but it can bring your skills to the next level. The backend of WordPress is powered by PHP, making this one of the more important programming languages for a WordPress developer. PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to communicate between a website and a server.

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Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to leverage all the research tools you can to identify and target phrases that will help your website reach your ideal audience. Being skilled in keyword research can make it easier to develop a content marketing strategy for your WordPress site. It can also help you effectively apply technical aspects of on-page SEO, such as headers and metadata.

What skills do you need for WordPress

Considering the vast number of learning materials available on the web, knowing what you need to learn first will help you find the correct online WordPress crash course. However, if you’re a complete beginner, managing WordPress will likely seem somewhat overwhelming. You may need to learn about the platform first before creating your first website. Skills can always be built and nurtured for a successful, high-paying, and satisfactory career in the field of WordPress development. JavaScript is the base of all web development work as it controls the interactive elements in a web page. You must have knowledge and experience of JavaScript to work in WordPress front-end development.

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You will need to spend approximately 3 months learning PHP if you are completely new to the programming language. To carry out your projects quickly, it’s recommended that you learn a framework like Laravel so that you can complete as many projects as you can and earn a handsome salary. A solid WordPress developer will understand how to create consistent user experiences that keep up with change. Creating successful websites for companies requires sound business logic.

For instance, if you want to sell drinking water where everyone has plenty of it, you cannot sell it there. You must sell drinking water to customers where they cannot avail themselves of it. You should learn how to use the online services GitHub and Bitbucket so that you don’t lose your work progress and can resume the last changes that you made to your codes.

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At a minimum, you will need to understand the basics of HTML and CSS in order to make the most of WordPress. Knowing how to write code is not strictly necessary, but it will give you more control over how your site looks and functions. You should also be familiar with basic web design principles, such as how to create an effective layout and how to make sure your content is accessible to all users. Sean Lauer, a senior director of product marketing at Mural, recommends that teams build a solid understanding of go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

This way, you can easily add functionality to your WordPress site as needed. If you’re helping businesses develop their online presence through your consultancy, listing WordPress as a skill on your resume is beneficial! If you want to make a real difference with your WordPress website, then you need to become a WordPress strategist. A strategist is someone who understands how to use WordPress to achieve specific business goals.

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There are both free and paid plugins out there that can do virtually anything you might want to without the need to write code from scratch. That was how I got my feet wet with WordPress development (I’d been blogging with WordPress for a few months before that, and doing some design and dev for a few years). In all the years since, I’ve never found a CMS I liked working with more than WordPress.

What skills do you need for WordPress

Yoast SEO is arguably the best search engine optimization plugin for WordPress. We have created a complete guide on how to configure Yoast SEO, create a sitemap to have your content indexed and use it to optimize your content. As such, there is a lot of information you need to know about it, such as how to install WordPress, how to pick your plugins and themes as well as WordPress architecture. Make A Website Hub comprises tons of WordPress tutorials that have been written over the past few years. The content aims to guide newbies in building a site or a blog with WordPress, helping you overcome the CMS’ learning curve.

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