What Is A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

As Digital Marketing is booming like never before, there is also exceptional growth in an emerging full service digital marketing agency. When you are looking for a digital agency to hire, you will find many digital agency types like SEO agencies, PPC agencies, Content marketing agencies, email marketing agencies, outreach agencies, social media marketing agencies, and many more.


One of the most common digital agency types is a full service digital marketing agency. A full-service digital marketing agency provides all types of digital agency services like SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and designing under one roof.


According to one study, businesses spend more and more budget on digital marketing activities each passing year. And 85% of businesses invest their money in a full service digital marketing agency.


But why businesses are spending more and more on a full service digital marketing agency?


The reason is simple – it fulfils all your business needs starting from website development to lead generation and business development strategies. Though there are many niche-specified agencies out there, a full service agency outweighs the benefits of niche-specific agencies in almost all cases.


Moreover, when you choose a full service digital marketing agency for your business, you don’t have to collaborate and communicate with multiple agencies to get your work done. A full service digital marketing agency has an in-house team of multi-specialists so that you don’t have to do back and forth with multiple agencies and people – you’ll be talking to only one person who will further pass your message and requirements to the respective team members accordingly.


A full service digital marketing agency allows your business to focus on its main operations. In contrast, the agency supports you in growing online by planning holistic and 360-degree marketing plans with the expertise of agency professionals.


What Services do a full service digital marketing agency provide?


Generally, a full service digital marketing agency will provide the services mentioned below:


  • Web Development and Designing:



If you are a completely new business, you will need a website to create your online presence. It’s a modern-day visiting card for your business.


  • SEO:


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website top on the search engine page results.


  • PPC (Pay-per-click):


Pay-per-click is a method of generating traffic, leads, or any other desired result for your business by paying for the ad based on its clicks.


  • Content Marketing:


A way to educate your target audience about the products and services with engaging, entertaining, and valuable content.


  • Email Marketing:


A process of sending emails to your target audience that evokes their interest in your business, leading to more sales, subscriptions, and other desired actions a business wants them to take.


  • Social Media Marketing:


Promoting a business across various social media channels is by providing educational, entertaining, and engaging content to your target audience.


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How Much Does a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency Cost?


That depends on the services, deliverables, turnaround time, and size of your organization. Here’s a brief detail about those all:


Full-service digital marketing agency cost


  • Services:


One of the major factors that matters a lot when it comes to costing is the services that you are looking for. Suppose you are looking for many services like a combo of SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. In that case, that will cost more than planning one service only.


  • Expertise and Experience of the Agency:


The second factor that matters while hiring a full service digital marketing agency is their expertise and experience. The one that is just starting will charge way less than the one who has been in the game for a long time now. Suppose you have a limited budget and are open to working with new professionals. In that case, it’s a great idea to work with less experienced professionals.


  • Deliverables, Services, and Turnaround Time:


Not all of the agencies provide the same services and deliverables, and so does not all of them will cost the same. Ask about the services, deliverables, and turnaround time before making a final deal with them.


The ones ready to provide you with a quick turnaround time are more likely to charge higher rates than those who take more time to deliver the project. Also, quality matters a lot when it comes to services and deliverables, so choose your full service digital marketing agency accordingly.


  • The complexity and difficulty of your project:


Suppose you want a simple task like getting SEO keyword research done for your business. In that case, that is certainly going to charge less compared to planning, strategizing, and executing a full-SEO campaign.



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  • The size of your organization:


The next major thing that greatly impacts your marketing budget is your business’s size. If you are a small business, it will cost way less than the one with multi-national companies.


The Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business:


Benefits of Full-service digital marketing agency



  • Align Online Marketing Strategies:


As a full service digital marketing agency provides all digital marketing services, you don’t have to look around for other agencies to get your work done.


  • Better Marketing Results:


As an agency has the experience of working with multiple businesses simultaneously, they are the best who knows how to get the desired results within a limited time and budget.


  • An Extension to Your Marketing Team:


A digital agency works as a support to your in-house marketing team if you have one. If not, it works the same as your in-house marketing team.


  • Third-Perspective of Your Company:


One of the major benefits of hiring a full service digital marketing agency is that they will have some new perspective to bring to your company and thus plan unique and creative strategies for your business’s marketing.


Hire a Full Service Digital Marketing agency For Your Business:


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